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To the Chinese, eating is living. Good Healthy food is cooked with great care. Mealtimes are sacred. Eaten now throughout the world, noodles were first brought to Europe by Marco Polo in the 13th Century, after his epic journey to Cathay, and became know in the West as spaghetti. pict1.jpg (45641 bytes)
pict2b.jpg (54543 bytes) The noodle was traditionally served alongside various side dishes of vegetables, meat and soup, which in time became our modern 'soup-noodle', prepared now as ever with great care and pride for your mealtimes

For healthy eating - Noodle Noodle is the place to be. A good diet of nourishment and healthy food is the key to happiness and longevity

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An assortment of soup noodles

Cold noodles White wine
Side dishes Red wine
Wok-fried noodles & rice noodles Champage
Rice Coffee
Thai cuisine

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